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A journalist by education, a traveller by passion. To combine both, she gave up work in a Singaporean corporation and exchanged her comfortable life in the Lion City for a shaky home in the campervan, driving to the edges of the world. In her writing, she uses vivid imagery to tell stories of inspiring people, places and events.


Founder of AWsome Media – a video production company – moved from a cosy office in Singapore to a camper’s cab. He seeks unusual stories of human lives around the world. Only a few things on this planet would stop him from getting that perfect shot.

Around the world in the ambulance

We decided to turn our lives upside down and head out on a journey around the world. From Poland to Alaska, long way round. We will drive through 5 continents, almost 60 countries and over 150,000 km – a four-year expedition. Our vehicle is a campervan – a little house on wheels converted from a thirteen-year-old ambulance.

Our aim is not only to “drive through” the world. It is to experience it and to absorb the reality of each country.

We will thoroughly document the entire journey and present it to our audience in an unforgettable way. We stopped blogging and started writing articles, reportages and shoot documentaries.

We will interact with people and learn their fascinating everyday life. We will work as volunteers where help is needed the most. We will go to numerous countries to break or confirm their stereotypes. We will see landscapes we have never dreamt of and the ones we could only imagine. We will reach the farthest outskirts and remote byways – the peripheries of the world.

Peripheries – travel magazine

Peripheries – the outer limits of an area; outskirts, verges, borderlines.

The online travel magazine “Peripheries” is a platform for articles, reportages and documentary films from the farthest corners of the world. The magazine not only introduces the unusual places to the public but also shows the unusual side of these seemingly well-known. It shows extraordinary people who inspire and surprise; the culture of countries through the prism of their traditions, customs and even cuisine.

“Peripheries” is the eyes and the ears of our audience at the edges of the world.

We explain chilling religious practices where believers pierce their bodies with sharp spikes. We show what motivations drive them and what they achieve in return.
Thaipusam – the way of finding bliss

We talk with a Buddhist monk about the philosophy of life that brings peace to us and to the world.
Buddhism at the hanging rock

In the temples of the world, we join traditional ceremonies and rituals.
The Shwedagon Pagoda – magnificent witness of the Buddhist novitiation

We follow the footsteps of precursors who have discovered and showed paths to present generations.
Karung Guni – Singapore’s recycling pioneers

From above the plates of local food, we look at people who, apart from the spices, pour into them their heart and family traditions.
Tiong Bahru – a culinary heritage of Singapore

All of this to show you the farthest corners of the globe, their practices, customs and traditions.

Check out our guide

If you prefer however a guide in a traditional format we also have something for you. In 2015 the publishing agency Pascal invited us to create the Malaysia and Singapore guide, in their popular guidebooks collection. We are proud to say that we wrote Singapore, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, Penang and Malacca chapters.

You can buy our guidebook here.

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On the web or the paper, come with us for an adventure!

Aleksandra and Andrzej


Around the World in the Ambulance

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