The Land of Giants

We could not believe it. It was impossible to accept that the view before our eyes is real. It looked like a photoshopped picture on a fragile paper – a fantastic landscape that could disappear if we drove to close.

And yet, all of this was real. The rusty rocky cones touching the sky with the triangles of the peaks. Passu Cathedral. Passu Cones. Clustered together like a city of magnificent pyramids. Perfectly imperfect with their rugged slopes and sharp ridges. 6000-meters creation of nature’s wild imagination. Better than any cathedral, better than pyramids, better than any human’s creation.

The magnificent gates to the Land of Giants.


Eagle Hunter

When a thick pillow of snow covers Bayan Ulgii in Mongolia, the sky fills with soaring golden eagles. They hunt for foxes clearly visible against the white canvas of snow. They hunt it for their masters – the Mongolian eagle hunters.

This is a story of Sailay – a Mongolian eagle hunter. This is a story of a special bond between a man and his eagle.



Tengerism is an ancient philosophy of life Mongolians still live by. They believe in coexistence of two worlds – human and spirit one. Between them stands a man – translator of spirits’ will, a medium of human prayers – the Shaman. This is his story.


Mongolia – Living under the Great Tengri

The Mongolian proverb says: “Keep your hardness on the outside and your love within”. The wisdom of the saying was proved different. From the very beginning, the only thing that was shown to us was love and warmth. Linguistic and cultural barriers crumbled into pieces in the face of utter selflessness, generosity and kindness which total strangers offered us.

However, another Mongolian saying proved to be true: “Posts support a ger, friends support a man in difficulties”. It is a quintessence of the entire Mongolian nomadic culture. In the hour of need, you do not have to knock on the ger’s doors – they are always wide open. Be it to a herdsman, who needs some milk or cheese, or a random tourist who showed up at the door by a total accident.


Thaipusam – The Way of Finding Bliss

A story of one Hindu devotee, Kumar, who takes us for the procession of Thaipusam – the celebration of thanksgiving, asceticism and submitting an ultimate sacrifice.


Rakkhitakanda – Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka

Rakkhitakanda – Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka, celebrating Vesak Day – Buddha’s Birthday



Around the World in the Ambulance

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